The latest press release from Lancaster University in UK on 6 October 2020 ,

“ Evidence of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and motor neurone disease found in brains of young people exposed to air pollution “ (read here) This news was also carried by several news media such as The Guardian (read here) .

The study alluded to the examination of the brainstems of 186 young Mexico City residents aged between 11 months and 27 years of age. Researchers found markers not only of Alzheimer’s disease, but also of Parkinson’s and other motor neurone disease (MND) too. Their brainstems also had high   concentration of iron-, ALUMINIUM-, and titanium-rich nanoparticles. The iron- and ALUMINIUM-rich nanoparticles found in the brainstems are strikingly similar to those which occur as combustion- and friction-derived particles in air pollution(from engines and braking systems).

Professor Barbara Maher, the lead author said,

“ It is critical to understand the links between the nanoparticles you’re breathing in or swallowing and the impacts those metal-rich particles are then having on the different areas of your brain. Different people will have different levels of vulnerability to such particulate exposure but our new findings indicate that what air pollutants you are exposed to, what you are inhailing and swallowing, are really significant in development of neurological damage.

With this in mind, control of nanoparticulate sources of air pollution becomes critical and urgent .”


Are you breathing in aluminium nanoparticles?  You bet you are . In an earlier press release “Aluminium, Main Ingredient In Air Pollution” (Click here) experts were warning about aluminium in air pollution. So this latest study confirmed the danger of the contaminated air you and I are breathing in and the risk of developing neurodegeneration diseases. So it is in our best interest to minimise our exposure to these air pollution as much as possible . Alarming news just released show how insidious air pollution can really be

Professor Christopher Exley, of Keele University in UK , a 35 year expertise in aluminium toxicity has this to say about aluminium in air pollution:

“ You know the air that we breathe outside on the streets, these particulates that are very, very topical at the moment and you know, here in London the mayor is very much trying to make them the subject of all sorts of legislation, change policy. We are talking about allergy, these are made of Aluminium by the way, most of these particulates. Some of them that are coming from perhaps from exhaust might be carbon based but majority of small particulate materials are Aluminium based and are they getting lodged in lung and other surfaces and are they responsible for some of the inflammation you see in things like allergies and asthmatism stuff like that ? Who knows because we like to do those sorts of experiments more to find out .”

You can watch Professor Exley brief interview (less than a minute) here .

But there is GOOD NEWS , clinical trials published in peer reviewed journals have shown that drinking SPRITZER-THE SILICON-RICH NATURAL MINERAL WATER daily was very effective in removing the neurotoxin , aluminium from the body through the urine.

Two earlier publications in peer reviewed journals have shown the effectiveness of silica or silicon in preventing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease through removal of the neurotoxin, Aluminium from the body;

SILICON is the Natural Antidote against the toxicity of Aluminium. Below is the mechanism of how Silicon as Orthosilicic Acid or Silicic Acid , the soluble form of silicon removed aluminium from the body.

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