Professor Gordon Lauc from University of Zagreb, Faculty of Pharmacy& Biochemistry and

Genos Glycoscience Research Laboratory , Zagreb, Crotia , explains in his paper,

“Fighting COVID-19 with Water” published in Journal of Global Health June 2020 Vol 10(1):1-3 (read paper here) how humidity protects our airways mucosal barrier that keeps viruses out.  Our mucosal is a membrane that lines inside of our mouth, nose, all airways, eyes, etc and is protecting our cells with a thick layer of glycans and mucins. However , for this barrier to stay functional it is necessary to stay well hydrated to both maintain its structural integrity and enable constant flow of mucins that carry viruses and other pathogens out of the airways . If exposed to dry air, these barriers dry out and cannot perform their protection functions .

Watch this simplied Youtube illustration for a better understanding .


In these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic , every precautions must be taken such as physical distancing , washing hands frequently and from this new finding , to stay well hydrated especially in places of low humidity (air-conditioned rooms ) is very crucial to fight this COVID-19 viruses .

Choose SPRITZER, the Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water for your daily hydration needs . SPRITZER is brought to you from a vast landbank of 330 acres (266 football fields) surrounded by natural tropical rainforest far away from all pollution ensuring the integrity, safety, quality of its natural mineral water. From source to bottle, SPRITZER is untouched by human hands .

SPRITZER has been shown in two clinical trials published in peer reviewed journals to be very powerful in removing the aluminium toxin from the body.

Aluminum being a known toxin can supress our body immune system .

Aluminum is ubiquitous ( presence everywhere in our daily lives )

Professor Chris Exley, the aluminium expert with over 35 years of research , warned that the air particulate we breathe in daily is made up of mostly aluminium which are very inflammatory and hence suppressing our immune system.

Watch Below a very short video of the professor explaining the danger of air particulate.

As you can see, the Silicon presence in SPRITZER can help to remove the aluminium toxicity and helps to improve the overall immune systems as shown by these findings :

In challenging times of COVID-19 pandemic , anything we can do extra to enhance our body immune system is most welcome .

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A new research has just been published  in the peer-reviewed journal, Nutrients 2019, 11, 2574:

“Dietary Supplementation with Silicon-Enriched Spirulina Improves Arterial Remodeling and Function in Hypertensive Rats” (View Paper Here). The authors are from University of Montpellier and INSERM , France.

The study showed that the benefits to the heart was attributed to the Silicon supplementation which contributes to :

. An improvement in arterial muscle functions resulting in an increase in aortic contraction and relaxation.

. A decrease in arterial wall hypertrophy related to the prevention of extracellular matrix degradation.

. An increase in elastin and collagen levels.

These changes have an impact on blood pressure which was significantly reduced after Silicon supplementation. The scientists concluded that Silicon supplementation may be important in preventing vascular (heart) degenerative processes and also potential aging.

Comments :

In an earlier publication , the efficiency of Silicon in synergy with spirulina to prevent metabolic, oxidative, inflammatory disorders and vascular (heart) dysfunction was established.

Even in the 1800’s,  one of the greatest scientist of all time , Louis Pasteur had predicted the importance of Silicic Acid (soluble Silicon ) to our health .

Earlier research that touted Silicon supports blood vessel health , making it extremely important in supporting heart health can be seen from these publications :

Professor Klaus Schwarz of UCLA reviewed a survey of heart deaths in Finland , conducted between 1959 and 1974 and he found an inverse relationship between silicon in drinking water and heart death.

Even since 1957, studies by French scientists , Loeper M and Loeper J revealed the importance of Silicon to the heart.

In a subsequent publication, Loeper J et al ,(1979) it was shown that Silicon supplementation inhibited atheromatous plaques and lipid deposits . It was proposed that the preservation of elastic fiber architecture, as well as of ground substance and the lack of free fatty acid accumulation in the aortic intima decreased plaque formation.

Other evidences of Silicon protection of the heart can be derived from these publications:

The above finding suggest that consumption of Silicon Rich Mineral Water may have longevity benefits.

Now you may ask , how can I consume more Silicon ? Well one of the smart way to ensure you obtain enough Silicon (or Orthosilicic Acid (OSA) is to drink Silicon (OSA) Rich Natural Mineral Water. Apart from satisfying your hydration needs , you also get the functional benefits of Silicon as a bonus.

SPRITZER NATURAL MINERAL WATER is recognised by the University of London and Keele University from United Kingdom (UK) to be naturally rich in Silicon (OSA) .

So ensure you get your 8 glasses of water daily (~2 litres ) by drinking SPRITZER-The Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water for a healthier life.

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