A new publication from Geneva and Oxford, 

(view paper here).

 For the interview with the lead author, Dr. Mirna Tenan of the Breast Cancer Research at Laboratoire de cancérogenèse environnementale, Fondation des Grangettes, Geneva. Read Below :

New study on aluminium in cancer

  • In the Spotlight

Dr Mirna Tenan

​Breast Cancer Research,

Laboratoire de cancérogenèse environnementale, Fondation des Grangettes, Geneva

​​September 2021

“Concentrations of aluminium in the range of those detected in human
tissues promote chromosome instability in mammalian cells”.

  • What is the background of your research?

Aluminium, added to many products of regular use, is a suspected human carcinogen. Chromosome Instability (CIN), consisting of high rates of structural and numerical chromosome aberrations, is a well-known hallmark of cancer and is associated with poor prognosis and multidrug resistance.

  • What did you do?

We exposed Chinese hamster V79 cells, frequently used for the assessment of chemical carcinogens in regulatory toxicology, to aluminium concentrations in the range of those measured in human tissues and investigated its cellular uptake and impact on the numerical and structural integrity of chromosomes.

  • And what did you find?

 We found that the cells incorporate aluminium in a dose-dependent manner and predominantly concentrate it in the perinuclear space of the cytoplasm. Intracellular aluminium accumulation leads to a significant and dose-dependent increase in chromosomes carrying DNA double strand breaks (DSB) and numerical abnormalities. When entering mitosis, V79 cells exposed to aluminium assemble abnormal multipolar mitotic spindles and appear to cluster extra centrosomes (the organelles forming the spindle poles), possibly as an attempt to divide in a pseudo-bipolar manner. The effects observed upon aluminium exposure are well-recognized sources of chromosome DSB and segregation errors.

  • What new conclusions could you draw from this study?

 Hence, our findings show that the range of aluminium concentrations detected in human tissues promotes chromosome instability (CIN) in mammalian cells, thus supporting the hypothesis that aluminium is a human carcinogen.

The link to interview can be found here: https://www.aluminiumresearchgroup.com/news


133 Malaysians are diagnosed with cancer every day.  This is indeed a wake up call for all to take every precaution to live a healthy life.

Aluminium is a known toxin and is present everywhere (ubiquitous) in our diet and environment. We cannot escape the scourge of this element living in today’s Aluminium Age.

However, there are two very simple ways to reduce this aluminium risk .

(1) Try to avoid or minimise the exposure to aluminium as much as possible.

(2) Drink daily at least 1-1.5 litre of Silica( Silicon) Rich Natural Mineral Water to flush off the aluminium from the body . Silica (Silicon) as Silicic Acid ,the soluble form of Silicon is the earth’s natural protector against the toxicity of aluminium.

Two clinical studies published in peer-reviewed journals vouched for the effectiveness of silica(silicon) rich natural mineral water in removing aluminium .

Below is the mechanism of what is happening in your body when you drink a Silica(Silicon) Rich Natural Mineral Water .

With the mandating of vaccines to fight the virus, the need to drink adequate amount of quality water is to be one the utmost priority of all consumers. What better choice than a Silica (Silicon) Rich Natural Mineral Water coming to you from a vast landbank of 330 acres surrounded by natural tropical rainforest far away from all pollution.

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To watch click link here:  https://youtu.be/LObbHbx_2fY

For a text version, read below:

Why filtered water may not be as clean or beneficial as you think – CNA https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/why-filtered-water-may-not-be-as-clean-beneficial-you-think-tap-14901036

The basic summary of the investigation is as follows:


Not surprising results that filters installed in households may become a breeding ground for bacteria if proper care or maintenance are not diligently taken . So the risk is that you may inadvertently be consuming contaminated water .

 Two research findings published in peer reviewed journals also concluded with the same findings .

Evidently, the science is showing that installing any sort of filters in your household is no guarantee of clean, safe drinking water, unless you are prepare to diligently do proper maintenance such as changing your filters regularly.

On the other hand, SPRITZER -the Silica(Silicon) Rich Natural Mineral Water comes to you directly from an underground aquifer (water source) over 420 feet deep down the earth crust (imagine a 40 storey tall building) . The aquifer is surrounded by 330 acres ( equivalent to 266 soccer fields) of a 220 million-year-old original natural tropical rainforest, far away from any pollution , ensuring the integrity , quality and safety of the natural mineral water . From the source to the bottle , SPRITZER is untouched by human hands .

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SPRITZER-the Silicon(Silica) Rich Natural Mineral Water has been tested by Cambridge and Keele University in UK to contain rich amount of soluble silica (silicon) also known as Orthosilicic Acid (OSA)

I am not sure how many have heard or read about the “BLUE ZONES” where it had been discovered that inhabitants from these areas have the most centenarians (100 years old). Dan Buettner, the author of “BLUE ZONES” teamed up with National Geographic to find the world’s longest-lived people and study them . They found five places that met their criteria .

. Okinawa, Japan—the largest island in a subtropical archipelago that has the world’s longer lived women.

. Sardinia, Italy—a small mountainous region on an island off the coast of Italy with the world’s highest concentration of male centenarians.

. Ikaria, Greece—an island off the coast of Greece in the Aegean Sea that has one of the lowest rates of middle age mortality in the world and the lowest rate of dementia in the world .

. Nicoya , Costa Rica—a region where residents have the second highest concentration of male centenarians .

. Loma Linda, California—city with the highest concentration of seventh-day Adventists in the USA ,where they live 10 years longer than the average Americans .

They discovered 9 common denominators for their longevity and healthspan.

  1. Move Naturally
  2. Purpose
  3. Down Shift-Reduce Stress
  4. 80% Rule-Eat until 80% full
  5. Plant Slant-More vegetables and fruits
  6. Wine@5-moderate consumption
  7. Belong-Being part of a faith-based community adds 4 to 14 years to life expectancy
  8. Loved ones first-Having close and strong family connections
  9. Right Tribe-Have close friends and strong social networks .

Go and goggle “BLUE ZONES” if you want to learn more .


So what has soluble silica(silicon) also known as Orthosilicic Acid (OSA) has anything to with longevity and the BLUE ZONES ?

 Interestingly, Dr. Dennis Crouse PhD in Organic Chemistry from the prestigious Harvard University did extensive research on the water that were regularly consumed in these 5 Blue Zones areas and amazingly he discovered that these people were actually drinking soluble silica (silicon) rich mineral water and he published a book on his findings :

“ Silica Water The Secret of Healthy Blue Zone Longevity In the Aluminum Age “

And recently , another Blue Zone region was discovered in China’s West Hechi—6th Blue Zone . This Blue Zone is referred to as “Bama Yao” .

Read what Dr. Crouse has to say about Bama Yao:

“ The only reason discovered for Bama Yao being a Blue Zone is the high silica in drinking water as compared to neighbouring regions .”

 A recent study , “ Understanding the Association between Environmental Factors and Longevity in Hechi, China: A Drinking Water and Soil Quality Perspective “ Int J.Environ.Res.Public Health 2018,15,2272:1-17 . ( read here ) lend strong support to the claim of Dr.Crouse that soluble silica(silicon) also known as Orthosilicic Acid (OSA) rich drinking water is a causal factor of longevity.

Below are the results of Dr.Crouse findings :

I am so excited with this new discovery that soluble silica(silicon) also known as Orthosilicic Acid (OSA) rich natural mineral water may be the elixir of youth that the whole world is seeking . Just like what the Spanish Explorer, Juan Ponce de Leon , was believed to be supposedly searching for the Fountain of Youth when he travelled to Florida in 1513 and discovered this magical water spring in St.Augustine , Florida . ( read Wikipedia “ Fountain of Youth” here)

It maybe with all the new research coming out on the health benefits of soluble silica(silicon) rich natural mineral water , the aquifer in SPRITZER may turn out to be the next Fountain of Youth.

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A new study released in early April 2021 and published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Reports , confirmed unequivocally that aluminium played a significant role to cause familiar Alzheimer’s Disease.(AD)

MedicalXpress News on 9 April covered this breakthrough finding with the heading:


The researchers found that high levels of aluminum is co-located with both amyloid-B and tau observed in the brain tissue of donors with familial AD versus those without a diagnosis of neurodegenerative disease. Tau and amyloid-B are known to act in synergy to produce neurotoxicity in AD .


Now you know the science, what are you going to do about it? Some may be indifferent and ignore it while others may want to apply the precautionary principle to minimise the risk . I hope you are in the latter group .

Aluminium is ubiquitous i.e presence everywhere from tap water to all types processed food , medicine to air that we breathe.

One of the way to minimise aluminium risk is to reduce using products that contain them . Read the label if unsure . Also avoid polluted air especially from car exhausts. Unfortunately, living in what is today called the Aluminium Age , no one is spared to this menace . However , there is good news . SPRITZER, the Silica(Silicon) Rich Natural Mineral Water had been shown in clinical trials performed in UK to be very effective in removing the neurotoxin, aluminium from the body through the urine . These studies were published in peer reviewed journals as shown below :

Watch a 2.5 minutes video of Professor Chris Exley who has 35 years of studying aluminum toxicity has to say about drinking silicon or silica rich natural mineral water :

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Spritzer-the Silicon(Silica) Rich Natural Mineral Water , had been tested by a reputable independent laboratory to contain zero microplastics . A copy of the result can be made available upon request .(ctchuah@spritzer.com.my)

It had been reported in 2018 that research conducted at the State University of New York in Fredonia (view paper here) found many international brands of bottled water contaminated with microplastics. They reported an average of 325 particles per liter, with concentration ranging from zero to more than 10,000 particles in a single bottle. 259 individual bottles from 27 different lots across 11 brands were tested, purchased from 19 locations in 9 countries. All in all, 93% found to contain microplastics.

For a summary of the findings , read this article , “ Plastic particles found in bottled water “ from the BBC News Room (read here).


The above research showed that the microplastics ranges from 6.5 uM(micrometre) to 100 uM in sizes. However, the result of Spritzer Natural Mineral Water showed that in the these ranges and even up to 1uM sizes , microplastics was not detected or zero . This finding is a powerful affirmation of the stringent quality processes practiced in Spritzer.

Spritzer-the Silicon(Silica) Rich Natural Mineral Water , comes to you from an aquifer or water source surrounded by a 330 acre (~266 football fields) vast landbank of pristine original natural tropical rainforest far away from all pollution, hence protecting the integrity, quality, safety and purity of its natural mineral water . From the water source to the bottle, Spritzer is untouched by human hands .

Enjoy the Earth’s purest water .

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A new additional evidence that aluminium could be a breast carcinogen was revealed in a publication by Professor Stefano Mandriota, a leading breast cancer scientist from University of Geneva in Switzerland . You can read the full paper “ Genome Instability is an Early Event in Aluminium-Induced Tumorigenesis “International Journal Molecular Science, December 2020 (Read here). 

An earlier epidemiological study published in EBioMedicne (2017) showed that the use of antiperspirants was a risk factor for breast cancer . “ Use of Underarm Cosmetic Products in Relation to Risk of Breast Cancer: A Case-Control Study “(Read here).

In the largest study of its kind, the team based at the Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria , analysed a group of 209 women with breast cancer to compare it with another cohort of 209 healthy women the same age on the self-reported use of underarm cosmetic products . The results were as follows:   

  • The women who said they used cosmetic very frequently in the armpit area (meaning several times a day) are almost four times more likely to develop breast cancer.
  • The frequency of use of antiperspirants is significantly correlated to high aluminium levels in mammary tissues.  
  • The patients suffering from breast cancer have higher aluminium concentrations in their tissues than healthy women.                                                                                                        

The alarming conclusion is that frequent use of antiperspirants in females under the age of 30 predisposed them to a significantly higher risk of breast cancer in later life.

This prompted the Swiss Government to consider banning aluminium salts in antiperspirants .(Read here)


Aluminium salts such as Aluminium Chlorohydrate and Aluminium Chloride are used as the main ingredient in antiperspirant products because aluminium’s ability to prevent sweating by blocking the pores of the sweat glands. Unfortunately, the aluminium can pass through the skin epidermis .

As awareness of the danger of antiperspirants begin to gain momentum , many major personal care companies are coming out with aluminium-free antiperspirants as can be seen here:

Although the jury is still out on this , it may be prudent to apply the precautionary principle by choosing deodorants and antiperspirants free of aluminium . Because aluminium is ubiquitous (present everywhere) ranging from our tap water to processed food and medicine , it may be wise to also consume at least one litre of Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water daily, such as SPRITZER which clinical research published in peer reviewed journals have shown to be very effective in flushing out aluminium from the body .

Below is the mechanism of how Silicon(as Silicic Acid) in SPRITZER removed aluminium from the body via the urine.

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The well-known US Wholefood Market (known for its natural and organic food offerings)  was bought over by tycoon, Jeff Bezos of Amazon for US 13.7 billion in 2017. In its premier WholeFood Magazine , August, September, October and November Issues a 4 parts interview was conducted in the Vitamin Connection Column featuring the importance of Silicon to synthesise collagen naturally in the body . The title of the interviews:

“ Healthy Skin is more than Beauty: It Indicates your Total Health “

Part 1:  Silicon is vital to skin. (Read Here)

Part 2:  The role of Collagen in Skin and Bone. (Read Here)

Part 3:   How to best improve the production of your own collagen and elastin. (Read Here)

Part 4: Healthy Skin, Nails and Hair are Attractive, But More Importantly, They Indicate Overall   Health: The role of silicon . (Read Here)                  

The take home message is that Silicon as Orthosilicic Acid is a very vital ingredient for the activation of critical enzymes needed to manufacture collagen naturally in the body and that collagen cannot be made by consuming collagen products or foods as the collagen will be broken down by the stomach acid into simple amino acids . The lower amount of Silicon someone has ,the less efficient collagen will be produced. So, it is very important that our body has ample amount of Silicon as Orthosilicic Acid to boost our collagen from the inside out.

SPRITZER is a Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water affirmed by Keele and Cambridge Universities in UK .

Information visit www.spritzer.com.my or www.siliconrich.com.





The latest press release from Lancaster University in UK on 6 October 2020 ,

“ Evidence of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and motor neurone disease found in brains of young people exposed to air pollution “ (read here) This news was also carried by several news media such as The Guardian (read here) .

The study alluded to the examination of the brainstems of 186 young Mexico City residents aged between 11 months and 27 years of age. Researchers found markers not only of Alzheimer’s disease, but also of Parkinson’s and other motor neurone disease (MND) too. Their brainstems also had high   concentration of iron-, ALUMINIUM-, and titanium-rich nanoparticles. The iron- and ALUMINIUM-rich nanoparticles found in the brainstems are strikingly similar to those which occur as combustion- and friction-derived particles in air pollution(from engines and braking systems).

Professor Barbara Maher, the lead author said,

“ It is critical to understand the links between the nanoparticles you’re breathing in or swallowing and the impacts those metal-rich particles are then having on the different areas of your brain. Different people will have different levels of vulnerability to such particulate exposure but our new findings indicate that what air pollutants you are exposed to, what you are inhailing and swallowing, are really significant in development of neurological damage.

With this in mind, control of nanoparticulate sources of air pollution becomes critical and urgent .”


Are you breathing in aluminium nanoparticles?  You bet you are . In an earlier press release “Aluminium, Main Ingredient In Air Pollution” (Click here) experts were warning about aluminium in air pollution. So this latest study confirmed the danger of the contaminated air you and I are breathing in and the risk of developing neurodegeneration diseases. So it is in our best interest to minimise our exposure to these air pollution as much as possible . Alarming news just released show how insidious air pollution can really be

Professor Christopher Exley, of Keele University in UK , a 35 year expertise in aluminium toxicity has this to say about aluminium in air pollution:

“ You know the air that we breathe outside on the streets, these particulates that are very, very topical at the moment and you know, here in London the mayor is very much trying to make them the subject of all sorts of legislation, change policy. We are talking about allergy, these are made of Aluminium by the way, most of these particulates. Some of them that are coming from perhaps from exhaust might be carbon based but majority of small particulate materials are Aluminium based and are they getting lodged in lung and other surfaces and are they responsible for some of the inflammation you see in things like allergies and asthmatism stuff like that ? Who knows because we like to do those sorts of experiments more to find out .”

You can watch Professor Exley brief interview (less than a minute) here .

But there is GOOD NEWS , clinical trials published in peer reviewed journals have shown that drinking SPRITZER-THE SILICON-RICH NATURAL MINERAL WATER daily was very effective in removing the neurotoxin , aluminium from the body through the urine.

Two earlier publications in peer reviewed journals have shown the effectiveness of silica or silicon in preventing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease through removal of the neurotoxin, Aluminium from the body;

SILICON is the Natural Antidote against the toxicity of Aluminium. Below is the mechanism of how Silicon as Orthosilicic Acid or Silicic Acid , the soluble form of silicon removed aluminium from the body.

Apply the precautionary principle , by drinking 1-2 litre of SPRITZER-The SILICON RICH NATURAL MINERAL WATER daily  for your hydration needs and received the Silicon benefits .

Information visit www.spritzer.com.my or www.siliconrich.com



SILICON as ORTHOSILICIC ACID USED AS ingredient in an ImmunoFormulation to treat COVID-19 Patients



Two clinics in Barcelona, Spain have been experiencing  with an ImmunoFormulation of twelve therapeutics/nutraceuticals blend that includes silicon( as orthosilicic acid, SiliciuMax) as one of the ingredients in their efforts to fight against the scourge of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In their report , “ ImmunoFormulation for COVID-19 “ (read here), Dr. Mariana Diaz of Clinic Arvila Magna, Avinguda Diagonal, Barcelona , showed the promising results of a combination of therapeutic agents as add-on therapy to alleviate symptoms of COVID-19. All the 4 patients treated saw improvement in general symptoms .

This discovery led to a company, Fagron-Lichtenauerlaan in The Netherlands to publish a paper,a “Postulated Adjuvant Therapeutic Strategies for COVID-19”  in Journal of Personalized Medicine 2000, 10,80: 1-33 (read here ), touting for the benefits of the ImmunoFormulation which include silicon( as Orthosilicic Acid) . The premise or proposition of this formulation is based on these active ingredients that have shown efficacies in countering the detrimental pathways of the COVID-19 virus by         

                         (i) improving the immune system

                         (ii) avoidance of virus entrance in the cell

                        (iii) decrease of virus replication

                        (iv) control of hyperinflammation (cytokine storms )

                        (v)  reduction of oxidative stress

                        (vi) antithrombotic effect

and                 (vii) protection of the endothelial barrier ( prevent heart attack )

Here the authors attributed silicon to potentially provide a net increase in circulating lymphocytes and immunoglobulins ( especially IgG) .

Silicon as Orthosilicic Acid was also attributed to the protection of the endothelial barrier or layer .

Silicon as Orthosilicic Acid is a powerful ingredient against heart problems as proven by these publications below:

Below is a good summary of Silicon Heart Health Benefits:

So Choose The Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water – SPRITZER for your daily hydration needs and received the heart health benefits .

Information visit www.spritzer.com.my or www.siliconrich.com



Overweight people have more aluminium in their bodies


Researchers at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) have discovered that the levels of aluminium found in the hair and urine of obese people is higher than average.

One hypothesis is that aluminium can affect metabolism and provoke obesity. The article was published in Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology.

There are more than two billion obese people on the planet. The main reason for this is overeating and a sedentary lifestyle, although other factors, such as genetic predisposition and environmental conditions, can also push a person towards being overweight.

Studies show that microelements that enter the body can play a role. Mercury, cadmium, lead, as well as tin compounds are the leading metals that can affect the weight of an individual. Aluminium is also considered a toxic metal, that can cause inflammation and oxidative stress in cells. That is why doctors from the group of Anatoly Skalny, head of the Department of Medical Elementology at RUDN University, decided to study if there is a connection between this metal and excess weight.

The research involved 205 people with increased body mass index (BMI) and 206 people with normal weight in a control group. Generally, if the BMI of a person exceeds 30, then a person is believed to be overweight. In the control group, BMI averaged 22.5, and 33.3 in the experimental group.

Each participant of this study was asked if they suffer from hypertension, diabetes, atherosclerosis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, or have bad habits, whether they live close to a source of metal emissions, and if they have metal implants. Then, urine and hair samples were taken from all participants and analysed using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), a method that allows detecting even miniscule amounts of chemical elements in samples.

The average levels of aluminium in the hair and urine of overweight people were higher than in the control group members: by 31% and 46%, respectively. Alternatively, no correlation between the metal content and hypertension, atherosclerosis, and other diseases has been observed. The association between increased aluminium and excess weight was observed only if it was found in urine, meanwhile the relation between the increased BMI and aluminium in the hair was not statistically significant, that is, it could have been a product of random deviations.

RUDN University scientists have concluded that the aluminium content in the body indeed increases in individuals with obesity. It remains unclear, however, what comes first: it is both possible that people with obesity simply consume a lot of aluminium with food and that aluminium changes the metabolism and that leads to obesity. Anatoly Skalny and his colleagues are planning further research to find answers to these questions.

The full research paper was published in the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 56(2019) 139-145 (Read here) .


The latest health check of Malaysians was just recently released and the prognosis is bad .

50% of Malaysians are obese and WHO named Malaysia as the fattest country in Asia .

Obesity is also shown to be a risk factor for COVID-19 and also predisposes to risk of higher mortality in young COVID-19 patients .

 Could it be that Malaysians may be consuming and exposing to too much aluminium . Since we are living in the Aluminum Age ,where aluminum is ubiquitous ( presence everywhere)

Even the air particulate that we breathe in , are mostly made up of alumin and it gets into our brain directly without going through the blood-brain barrier .

Watch a very brief video of Professor Exley explaining aluminum in air particulate .

So what can we do to minimize the risk of the scourge of aluminum toxicity that we face daily ?

I would suggest , reduce exposure and consumption of products that are known to contain high aluminum additives . Exercise good disciplines of eating nutritional food and healthy lifestyles. Another very effective way of removing aluminum from your body is to take the advice of Mr. Aluminum , Professor Exley , a 35 years expert in studying aluminum toxicity . The professor has discovered that the trace element , Silicon as Silicic Acid is the natural antagonist for aluminum.

Two clinical trials performed on SPRITZER-The Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water and results published in independent peer-reviewed journals , showing the very effective removal of aluminum when drank 1 to 1.5 liter daily for just 12 weeks .

Here is a quote from the good professor in his latest talk at the Medical Society of London on 27 February 2020.

“ I am drinking a silicon rich mineral water now and I spent as someone in the audience can tell you , 50-60 pounds a month on buying this , is because science tells me that when I drink this, I pee aluminum ———-. In other words , it helps me get aluminum out of the body. And this is the only ,only only thing that has gone through independent science and peer reviewed that has shown to be the case.”

“ I will drink one of these for the rest of my life because I live in the Aluminum Age, I cannot avoid it . And in some cases I won’t avoid it because I like a ——– and things got aluminum in it . So I drink a silicon rich mineral water to help remove it from my body and maybe it also helps with disease. “

Watch a truncated 2.5 minutes video of the professor recent talk in London . (here)

For those more savvy on the scientific evidences , you can watch the full lecture(here).

Apart from removing aluminum toxicity , silicon also have these benefits :

So choose SPRITZER-The Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water for you and your family daily hydration needs and enjoy the healthy benefits that come with it .

Information visit www.spritzer.com.my or www.siliconrich.com.