Press Release: March 2015


Two latest publications from Cambridge Researchers in UK , namely

The Decrease in Silicon Concentration of the Connective Tissues with Age in Rats is a Marker of Connective Tissue Turnovers” published in Bone 75(2015): 40-48 (click here for paper)

and “Silicon and Boron Differ in their Localisation and Loading in Bone” published in Bone Reports 1 (2015): 9-15 (click here for paper) , showed the importance of the trace element, Silicon( as bioactive OSA) to collagen or connective tissues such as bone, skin, hair, blood vessels and joints.

They also found that highest concentrations of Silicon are found in young weanling rats and decrease with age and young growing rats may have higher requirements for Silicon than adults.

One possible understanding is that Silicon is necessary to synthesise collagen and/or stabilisation of the extracellular matrix by cross-linking between collagen units.



Previously the importance of Silicon (as bioactive Orthosilicic Acid(OSA) ) in collagen synthesis was highlighted (click here to view). A randomised double-blinded placebo controlled study involving 50 women with photo-damaged skin taking a supplement of Ch-OSA for 20 weeks resulted in reduced fine lines and wrinkles by 30% and increased skin elasticity measurements by 89% compared to women taking placebo capsules. (click here to view).

A large epidemiological study with the US Framingham Cohort found that Bone Mineral Density(BMD) was higher in men and premenopausal women when the dietary intake of Silicon was greater than 40 mg/day than when it was less than 14 mg /day. (Click here to view)

SpritzerSPRITZER-The Silicon(OSA) Rich Natural Mineral Water has been tested to contain therapeutic amount of around 35 mg per litre and research has also shown that long term drinking SPRITZER daily , can reduce an individual’s everyday exposure to Aluminium and lower their body burden of this unwanted neurotoxin. Early indications are that in individuals with Alzheimers Disease (AD) the lowering of the body burden of Aluminium may benefit brain function. (view here) .

Water experts are advising that we consumed at least 1.5 to 2 litres a day of good quality water to balance our hydration requirement. Drinking SPRITZER-The Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water, is the best choice as apart from the silicon(OSA) benefits , it is also the best quality water coming to you from a vast 330 acres ( 266 football fields) of pristine surroundings of natural tropical rainforest away from pollutions and contaminations , hence protecting the integrity, quality and safety of its natural mineral water. Accredited USA laboratory has found SPRITZER to comply with all the US FDA high quality standards for bottled water. From water source to bottle, SPRITZER-The Silicon (OSA) Rich Natural Mineral Water is untouched by human hands.


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