SILICON as ORTHOSILICIC ACID (OSA) Beneficial for Bone Health.

PRESS RELEASE: February 2019




Chinese researchers from Shandong University , Jinan, Shandong, China had in three related publications recently ,

(1)    Orthosilicic Acid Accelerate Bone Formation in Human Osteoblast-Like Cells Through the P13K-Akt-mTOR  Pathway

Zhou, K; Jiao G; Dong M; et al  in  Biological Trace Element Research  12 November 2018 (read here)


(2)    Biological Silicon Stimulates Collagen Type 1 and Osteocalcin Synthesis in Human Osteoblast-Like Cells Through the BMP-2/Smad/RUNX2 Signalling Pathway

Dong M; Jiao G; Liu H; et al  in Biological Trace Element Research 2016 October ; 173(2):306-15  (read here)


(3)    Orthosilicic Acid , Si(OH)4, Stimulates Osteoblast Differentiation in Vitro by Upregulating miR-146a to Antagonise NF-kB Activation.

Zhou X; Moussa FM et al  in Acta Biomaterial 2016 Jul 15; 39:192-202  (read here)


affirmed the importance of the trace element, silicon as orthosilicic acid (OSA) to promote bone formation through collagen synthesis, osteocalcin synthesis and other bone markers .



Accumulating evidence over the last 40 years suggests that dietary Silicon as orthosilicic acid (OSA) is beneficial to bone formation. In these new studies, Chinese researchers were able to endorse these benefits for bone health . Previously , Silicon has been discovered to be good for connective or collagenous tissues such as bone, brain, blood vessels , skin and hair.



In a review, human and animal studies indicate that Silicon improves bone quality and strength and increase bone mineral density .




In a 2004 prospective study of 2,847 people from the Framingham Offspring Cohort , scientists from the prestigious universities of Harvard, Cambridge ,London, Tufts and Boston showed that  men and premenopausal women who consume the most Silicon of about 40 mg a day , had the highest bone mineral density , a measurement of bone health.



SPRITZER-The Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water contains around 35 mg of Silicon per litre .



Hence just by drinking your daily hydration requirement of at least 1.5 litre water , will provide you with at least 50 mg of silicon per day to boost your bone health as well. What a great deal !!!!




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PRESS RELEASE: December 2018




A new book , “ Neurotoxicity of Aluminium” published in Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology , Volume 1091; 2018, edited by Professor Qiao Niu from Department of Occupational Health , School of Public Health , Shanxi Medical University , Taiyuan , Shanxi, China , ( read abstract here ) is affirming the strong linked between aluminium neurotoxicity with cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) . Topics discussed includes:

(1)    Overview of the Relationship between Aluminium Exposure and Health of the Human Being   by Professor Qiao Niu

(2)    The Chemistry of Human Exposure to Aluminium by Professor Chris Exley

(3)    Entry and Deposit of Aluminium in the Brain ( Professor Linping Wang )

(4)    Aluminium as a CNS and Immune System Toxin Across the Lifespan ( Professor Christopher Shaw)

(5)    Occupational Exposure to Aluminium and Cognitive Impairment ( Professor Xiaoting Lu)

(6)    Exposure to Aluminium in Daily Life and Alzhemer’s Disease ( Professor Jisheng Nie)

(7)    Animal Model of Aluminium Induced Alzheimer’s Disease (Professor Jing Song)

(8)    Aluminium-Induced Neural Cell Death (Professor Qinli Zhang )

(9)    Aluminium-Induced Electrophysiological Variation , Synaptic Plasticity Impairment, and Related Mechanism. (Professor Zhang H )

(10) Cross Talk Between Aluminium and Genetic Susceptibility and Epigenetic Modification in Alzheimer’s Disease.(Professor Liang R)



Evidences of the ubiquitous Aluminium metal linked to brain heath especially Alzheimer’s Disease are so overwhelming that one have to take cognizance of this very serious threat to our health.


Have you ever wonder why after billions of dollars spent on finding the cause and cure for AD , scientists today are still getting nowhere and in fact , one of the largest drug company in the world, Pfizer announced that they are giving up on researching into AD.


Could it be that these scientists are all “barking up the wrong tree?”, could it be , it may just be the aluminium metal that may be the culprit . The discovery of Alzheimer’s Disease by Dr.Alois Alzheimer was in 1906 and around the same period in 1889 , commercial production of aluminium through the Bayer Process began . Is this such a coincidence or maybe there is link ?


Whatever your thoughts , new peer-reviewed evidences are emerging to unequivocally implicating aluminium to be a neurotoxin that are linked to several ailments such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Autism . See below for the references :


Aluminium Should Now Be Considered a Primary Etiological Factor in Alzheimer’s Disease .

Urinary Excretion of Aluminium and Silicon in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

Aluminium in Brain Tissue in Mulitple Sclerosis.

Aluminium in brain tissue in autism.


We must learn to live healthy in this “ Aluminum Age “ where aluminium is ubiquitous ie presence everywhere .


We can do this by minimising all products that contain aluminium whenever it is possible and also include a silicon rich natural mineral water daily for your hydration need . Clinical trials done in UK had shown that the trace mineral silicon is a very powerful antagonist to aluminium . When you drink a silicon rich natural mineral water , the water soluble silicon as Orthosilicic Acid (OSA) penetrate the body and removed the aluminium toxin and passed it out through the urine.





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PRESS RELEASE: August 2018


Four recent publications,

  1. Oral supplementation of Orthosilicic Acid and its impact on hair quality. Med Cutan Iber Lat Am 2017; 45(1): 29-35 (read here)
  2. Influence of an Oral Supplementation based on Orthosilicic acid Choline-Stabilized on Skin, Hair and Nails: A Clinical Study with Objective Approach Clinical Pharmacology & Biopharmaceutics 2016, 5:3 (read here)
  3. Use of Silicon for Skin and Hair Care: An Approach of Chemical Forms available and efficacy. An Bras Dermatol. 2016; 91(3): 331-5 (read here)
  4. Evaluation of cutaneous rejuvenation associated with the use of orthosilicic acid stabilized by hydrolysed marine collagen. J.Cosmet.Dermatol 2017 Sept 20 (read here),

affirmed the anti-aging benefits of soluble silicon or OSA.



Only soluble silicon or the monomeric form as orthosilicic acid (OSA),  the only form which is bioavailable and bioabsorbable by the body. Research has shown that silicon or OSA can stimulate enzymes such as prolyl hydroxylase to produce natural collagen and keratin. Collagen and Keratin are important ingredients of skin, hair and nails and it is not therefore surprising that silicon has been touted as an anti-aging, anti-weakness compound.



Hair with higher Silicon content tend to have lower falling rate and higher brightness.



SPRITZER -The Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water was tested to contain therapeutic rich amount of soluble silicon (OSA) by two UK universities viz London and Keele.


So stay youthful by choosing silicon-rich natural mineral water for your hydration needs.

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Dietary Amount of Aluminum, Showed Serious Inflammation in Brain of Mice



Two recent publications from Canada and USA, “Systemic Inflammation in C57BL/6J Mice Receiving Dietary Aluminum Sulfate; Up-Regulation of the Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines IL-6 and TNFa , C-Reactive Protein (CRP) and miRNA-146a in Blood Serum” published in J. Alzheimers Dis Parkinsonism 2017; 7(6): (view paper here) and “Selective Targeting and Accumulation of Aluminum in Tissues of C57BL/6J Mice Fed Aluminum Sulfate Activates a Pro-inflammatory Nf-kB-microRNA-146a Signaling Program” published in Journal of Neurology and Neuro Toxicology 2017 ; 1(1) 1-10 (view paper here).

Led by neuroscientist, Dr.Walter Lukiw, Professor of Neurology, Neuroscience and Ophthalmology from Louisiana State University, who had been studying into the possibility of aluminum toxicity leading to the onset, development and progression of Alzheimer’s Disease for 30 years. Their latest findings has for the first time showed that ALUMINUM CONSUMPTION FOUND IN HUMAN DIET may over the long term, predispose an individual to systemic inflammation of the brain which eventually leads to Alzheimer’s Disease.



Professor Lukiw gave 6 independent observations proving aluminum toxicity can lead to Alzheimer’s Disease:

  1. Aluminum causes an inflammation in the brain by increasing the pro-inflammatory molecule called nuclear factor kappa beta (NF-kB), an important feature in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.
  2. Aluminum stimulates beta-amyloid plaques in the brain at levels matching those currently found in humans.
  3. Out of many thousands of brain gene messenger RNA molecules (molecules that convey genetic information from DNA to cause gene expression), aluminum increases the same ones that are increased in Alzheimer’s disease.
  4. The animals suffering from Alzheimer’s who had aluminum added to their diets had additional brain changes linked to Alzheimer’s disease, like programmed cell death, oxidative stress, and deficits in gene expression.
  5. Aluminum leads to the same kinds of cellular energy deficits that are linked to Alzheimer’s disease, liked impaired signalling involving ATP and energy utilisation.
  6. A very significant number of studies revealed a link between the amount of aluminum in tap water to the incidence of Alzheime’s disease. (worldwide, aluminum is added to tap water as alum, hydrated aluminum sulphate, as a coagulating or clarification agent).

Living in the “Aluminum Age” where aluminum is ubiquitous, present everywhere that we cannot avoid this neurotoxin in our daily living.



It is no wonder, many people have been tested with high level of aluminum in their brain.

High Levels of aluminum

But there is GOOD NEWS. Drinking a Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water daily can be very effective in removing the aluminum neurotoxin from the body. The University of London and Keele from England had tested Spritzer Natural Mineral Water to contain therapeutic amount of silicon and recent clinical trials performed in UK and published in peer-reviewed journals have confirmed this benefit.

S;ide 54 Pic

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So choose SPRITZER-The Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water for your hydration needs and enjoy the silicon benefits.




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Drinking Silicon-Rich Water May Help Fight Against Inflammation Toxicity



A new study just released “ Effect of Silicon-Rich Water Intake on the Systemic and Peritoneal Inflammation of Rats with Chronic Low Levels of Aluminum Ingestion “ published in Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 46(2018) 96-102 (view paper here), showed that chronic ingestion of aluminum, which commonly present in our tap water and processed food increases bowel inflammation or toxicity. However, the presence of Silicon-Rich Water prevented the inflammation . The researchers from Russia thus concluded that Silicon-Rich Water can be an effective therapy against the immunotoxicity of aluminum.                                    



Another group of scientists affirming the benefits of daily drinking of Silicon-Rich Natural Mineral Water. SPRITZER-The Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water had been tested by two prestigious UK universities viz London and Keele to contain therapeutic amount of soluble silicon also known as orthosilicic acid.

Today we are living in what expert is calling “ The Aluminum Age” where aluminum is ubiquitous (present everywhere) , in our diet from tap water (used as purifier) , processed food (used as processing aids) to medicine and environmental smoke such as from cigarettes.

Below sources of Aluminum in our diet:



So our body are bombarded daily with this toxin and aluminum consumption has been implicated in over 30 ailments or diseases , the most damaging is Alzheimer’s Disease.

Slide 30 Pic

Recent testing of brain aluminum content found that nearly 80% of the people contained very high content of this neurotoxin.

High Levels of aluminum

So to minimize ones risk of accumulating aluminum in the body is to avoid as much as possible products associated with it , although this may be very challenging . The other very effective way is to drink everyday at least 1 litre of Silicon-Rich Mineral Water . After all we need to drink enough water for our hydration needs , why not choose SPRITZER the Silicon Rich Mineral Water , the water used in clinical research.

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So take precaution for your brain with SPRITZER -The Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water.

Added benefits from drinking silicon rich water is growing your collagen naturally . Silicon is an important ingredient needed to stimulate an enzyme that synthesise collagen in the body.

Mar 2018 Press Release Photo



 SPRITZER Silicon-Rich Natural Mineral Water


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Big Pharma, Pfizer to Stop Alzheimer’s Disease Research

PRESS RELEASE: January 2018



Drug company Pfizer has announced it is pulling out of research into drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease. The US-based pharmaceutical giant said it would be ending its neuroscience discovery programmes following a review, and 300 jobs would be lost.

The Alzheimer’s Society called the news “disappointing” and a “heavy blow” to those living with dementia. To continue reading the BBC News, click here.



Could it be that all these Big Pharma’s are barking up the wrong tree? The ANSWER could just be the neurotoxin, ALUMINIUM.

Watch RT America News channel on: “Aluminium exposure may cause Alzheimer’s – report


Heather Synder PhD, Director of Medical & Scientific Operations, Alzheimer’s Association, commented, “as the 6th leading cause of death in the top 10 that we currently do not have a way to prevent, or to stop or slow its progression”.

Why not take precautionary action by drinking a Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water, such as SPRITZER to remove the unwanted neurotoxin, Aluminium from your body. Clinical research published in prestigious journals have shown drinking up to 1.5L of SPRITZER the Silicon Rich Mineral Water was very effective in removing Aluminium from one’s body through the urine. To view the research findings, please click on the below pictures.

keele nutra


SPRITZER Silicon-Rich Natural Mineral Water


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Another Scientific Breakthrough for SPRITZER – the SILICON RICH NATURAL MINERAL WATER

PRESS RELEASE: November 2017



A just released peer-reviewed clinical study published in the journal EBioMEDICINE, “Urinary Excretion of Aluminium and Silicon in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis” (view here) and a comment by Professor Chris Exley, a 30 years expert in aluminium toxicity, “A Role for Aluminium in Multiple Sclerosis”, 3rd November 2017, The Hippocratic Post (read here) showed that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients excreted significant amounts of the toxin aluminium in their urine after consumption of around 1.5L of SPRITZER – the SILICON RICH NATURAL MINERAL WATER. Professor Exley said that the results of the trial are unequivocal both in demonstrating that individuals with MS have a high body burden of aluminium and in showing that regular drinking of SPRITZER helped to remove aluminium from their body and could be a much-needed, simple, non-invasive and effective therapy for individuals with MS.



SPRITZER – the Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water is created to provide the highest quality with healthy benefits for our beloved consumers daily drinking water needs because we are concerned for your well-being.

This aspiration motivated SPRITZER to invest in a vast landbank of 330 acres (266 football fields) of pristine surrounding of natural tropical rain forest, far away from any pollution, hence providing a complete protection to the integrity, quality and safety of its natural mineral water. From source to bottle, SPRITZER is untouched by human hands.

Apart from the undeniable top quality, drinking SPRITZER-the Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water had been clinically shown to be very effective in removing the neurotoxin aluminium from the body hence providing a precautionary way to minimise the risk of neurodegenerative diseases (see above and here). Due to the ubiquitous or omnipresence of aluminium in our daily living, our bodies are constantly being bombarded by this toxin and each day our body burden of aluminium kept on increasing until a threshold is reached when memory loss may become evidenced.



Did you know that every 3 seconds someone gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia?  Dementia starts in the brain 30 to 50 years before symptoms appear?

It has now been shown without any doubt that if your body has no aluminium, you will be free of Alzheimer’s Disease (read here: No Aluminium, No Alzheimer’s Disease).

Below is our daily exposure to Aluminium:




Even after billions of US dollars been spent to find the cause and cure for neurodegenerative diseases nothing has been found to bring any relief.  Living today in “The Aluminium Age” we cannot avoid been exposed to this scourge but we can help to minimise coming into contact with any products containing aluminium salts, whether in food, medicine, cosmetic, containers, air pollution such as cigarette smoke and many more. Simultaneously, we should drink a silicon- rich natural mineral water daily to reduce the body burden of this neurotoxin.

So be a wise consumer, choose SPRITZER – the Silicon-Rich Natural Mineral Water for your daily hydration needs and received the silicon healthy benefits.  For more information go to and






Falling sperm count may be due to toxic Aluminium

PRESS RELEASE: September 2017


Could recent finding “Sperm count drop could make humans extinct” from BBC News, 25 July 2017 (view article here), by 60% could actually be attributed in one way to human exposure to aluminium, a toxic metal that can be found in things we consumed and used every day?

In two latest publications, “How Bad is Aluminum Exposure to Reproductive Parameters in Rats?” at Biological Trace Element Research 8 September 2017 (view paper here) and “Aluminum Exposure for 60 days at Human Dietary Levels Impairs Spermatogenesis and Sperm Quality in Rats” at Reproductive Toxicology 17 August 2017 (view paper here).

The authors concluded that lab rats fed aluminum-treated water even at low doses had impaired spermatogenesis and sperm quality and testicular inflammation. The data demonstrated that 60 day sub-chronic exposure to low doses of aluminum in drinking water, which reflect human dietary aluminium intake, reaches a threshold sufficient to promote male reproductive dysfunction.

These findings confirmed with those of another team of French and British researchers who found the sperm of men seeking infertility treatment were loaded with aluminium (view article here).



This might be an underlying reason for the sudden spike in infertility that affects one in five couples today. It is very prudent for the public to reduce their exposure to this toxin, aluminium by minimizing the consumption and usage of this ubiquitous toxic metal. Below list of our everyday exposure to aluminium.


slide 21


slide 22

Another very important and effective step to reduce aluminum from the body is to simply drink a silicon rich natural mineral water like SPRITZER daily. A clinical trial by Keele University scientists have found that drinking a liter a day of silicon-rich mineral water is an effective and non-invasive way to remove aluminum from the body (view Keele Press Release here and view paper here).



SPRITZER Silicon-Rich Natural Mineral Water


No aluminium, no Alzheimer’s disease

PRESS RELEASE: August 2017

Latest research “Aluminium Should Now Be Considered a Primary Etiological Factor in Alzheimer’s Disease” published in prestigious Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Reports 1 (2017) 23-25 (view paper here) concluded that WITHOUT ALUMINIUM in BRAIN TISSUES, there would be NO ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE (AD).

Aluminium acts as a catalyst for earlier onset of AD in individuals with or without concomitant predispositions, genetic or otherwise. AD is NOT an inevitable consequence of aging in the absence of a brain burden of aluminium.



This astonishing new discovery underscores the importance for all of us in taking preventive measures to reduce the levels of the neurotoxin, aluminium in our bodies.  Professor Exley’s recommendation , based on his own clinical trial (read press release here, paper here) is to drink everyday a litre of silicon rich natural mineral water such as SPRITZER.

Drinking a silicon-rich mineral water on a daily basis is a safe, effective, and non-invasive way of removing aluminium from our bodies, as the silicic acid (soluble silicon) is able to cross the gut wall and bind with the aluminium particles in the blood . These are then naturally flushed out by the body through the urine, hence reducing an individual body burden of aluminium daily.







SPRITZER – The Clinically Proven Natural Mineral Water Made Her Debut in Britain


Acilis Group (2)

Spritzer was honoured to have His Excellency, Dato Ahmad Rasidi Hazizi, the High Commissioner of Malaysia to the UK and Northern Ireland to officiate in the launching of ACILIS by SPRITZER on 24 January 2017 at the Park City Grand Plaza Kensington Hotel, London.  This initial venture into the UK was made possible through the partnership between Spritzer and Link-Us Associate UK.

Present at the launching ceremony was also Professor Chris Exley of Keele University in Staffordshire, a world authority on aluminium toxicity. He shared that SPRITZER Natural Mineral Water was used in his clinical trial that showed by just drinking one litre of SPRITZER daily was able to remove aluminium-a known neurotoxin from the human body as a result of life-long exposure to the metal in food, tap water, cosmetics, medications and environmental air pollution from car exhaust and cigarette smoke.  The Professor reiterated that removing this neurotoxin from the body could well act as a precaution against the possible onset of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease. To read the research (click here) and press release (click here).

The UK Trading has also officially allowed the product to be labelled in the UK as possessing anti-aging properties that encourage softer skin, stronger nails, shiny hair and supple joints due to silicon enhanced promotion of natural collagen in the body.


Watch here for the coverage by TV3 from London.

Check out news release in UK here.

“Water from Malaysia which is believed to deter Alzheimer’s being sold in UK for the first time”


For more details on ACILIS by Spritzer, check out