SPRITZER+ FIBRE’s Functional Ingredient, Inulin Wins Two European Union (EU) Health Claims


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SPRITZER+ FIBRE, is a functional drink, made with SPRITZER Natural Mineral Water and fortified with 6 gram of inulin for prebiotic, increased Bone Mineral Density and Calcium absorption benefits.

Recently, the EU has also approved two more health claims (view article here).

  1. Chicory inulin contributes to normal bowel function by increasing stool frequency.
  2. Inulin can help control blood glucose levels.

Recently in a joint human trials conducted by Imperial College London and University of Glasgow, inulin was shown to supress appetite by about 15% compared with control groups. The studies showed that inulin helped stimulate hormones secreted in the gut, which can aid appetite regulation (view article here).



SPRITZER+ FIBRE functional drink is a unique, special, innovative blend of SPRITZER-the Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water, clinically shown to be very effective in removing the neurotoxin, aluminium from the body and 6 grams of dietary fibre of oligofructose-enriched chicory inulin from Belgium. In Malaysia, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has allowed SPRITZER+ FIBRE to make these 3 health claims:

  1. Prebiotic
  2. Increased Calcium  Absorption
  3. Increased Bone Mineral Density

With these two new additional EU health claims, of (a) healthy bowel function and (b) controlling blood glucose levels and possibility of suppressing appetite hence weight control, SPRITZER+ FIBRE with inulin should be a functional drink of choice for all Malaysians who are looking for healthy alternatives in their beverage consumption.


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