Spritzer Plant selected by US Army to supply bottled natural mineral water



After a very thorough sanitation audit of the Spritzer’s water sources and facilities in June 2015 by a team of auditors from the US Army Public Health Command District – Western Pacific, Spritzer has been approved and listed in the Directory of Sanitarily Approved Food Establishments for Armed Forces Procurement, for delivery of bottled water.



Spritzer is indeed very honoured to be affirmed by the US Army of the high quality and safety of her natural mineral water. Spritzer has always strive for continuous improvement to bring the highest quality and value to our loyal and beloved consumers. One of Spritzer’s core values is pleasing our very important consumers and hence everything we do is geared towards achieving that aspiration.

Towards this end, Spritzer would like to invite all our beloved consumers to come and visit our newly launched Spritzer EcoPark (open daily from 9am to 9pm) featuring the 214 million years old Cactus Rock.


For more press releases and information, please visit www.spritzer.com.my, www.siliconrich.com and Spritzer EcoPark Facebook Page.

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