SPRITZER – The Clinically Proven Natural Mineral Water Made Her Debut in Britain


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Spritzer was honoured to have His Excellency, Dato Ahmad Rasidi Hazizi, the High Commissioner of Malaysia to the UK and Northern Ireland to officiate in the launching of ACILIS by SPRITZER on 24 January 2017 at the Park City Grand Plaza Kensington Hotel, London.  This initial venture into the UK was made possible through the partnership between Spritzer and Link-Us Associate UK.

Present at the launching ceremony was also Professor Chris Exley of Keele University in Staffordshire, a world authority on aluminium toxicity. He shared that SPRITZER Natural Mineral Water was used in his clinical trial that showed by just drinking one litre of SPRITZER daily was able to remove aluminium-a known neurotoxin from the human body as a result of life-long exposure to the metal in food, tap water, cosmetics, medications and environmental air pollution from car exhaust and cigarette smoke.  The Professor reiterated that removing this neurotoxin from the body could well act as a precaution against the possible onset of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease. To read the research (click here) and press release (click here).

The UK Trading has also officially allowed the product to be labelled in the UK as possessing anti-aging properties that encourage softer skin, stronger nails, shiny hair and supple joints due to silicon enhanced promotion of natural collagen in the body.


Watch here for the coverage by TV3 from London.

Check out news release in UK here.

“Water from Malaysia which is believed to deter Alzheimer’s being sold in UK for the first time”


For more details on ACILIS by Spritzer, check out SilicaWaters.com


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