SPRITZER – The Clinically Proven Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water Identify as the Natural Mineral Water to detox your body from Aluminium toxicity




In a very recent article on 5 February 2016, entitled “ We Are Living in the Age of Aluminium: These Mineral Waters Could Help You Detox From Aluminium Toxicity ” (read article here), Spritzer was acknowledged as the natural mineral water very effective in removing the ubiquitous neurotoxin, Aluminium from your body.

The author, Alexa Erickson mentioned at the end of the article, I quote “ To treat these children suffering from aluminium toxicity, Dr.Exley used a Malaysian mineral water called SPRITZER. He and his team also tried this specific water on 15 patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, giving them one liter per day for a total of 13 weeks . The results were incredible, with aluminium levels lowering by 50 to 70 percent in every single one of the patients “.

To read the press release from Dr.Exley (click here) and to read the full publication in the prestigious Journal of Alzheimers Disease (click here).

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