Unacceptable levels of Aluminium and Lead found sold

Despite the positive effects of tea drinking, scientists from Universities in Canada and Lulea in Sweden warned about the risk of heavy metal contamination in these common teas.

In their peer-reviewed paper, “The Benefits and Risks of Consuming Brewed Tea: Beware of Toxic Elements contamination.” published in Journal of Toxicology 2013 (view paper here), they found that all brewed teas steeped for 3 minutes contained from 1131 microgram/litre to 8324 microgram/litre of aluminium and if brewed for 15 minutes, the aluminium level ranged from 1413 microgram/litre to 11449 microgram/litre. Based on the general acceptable European Union daily limit of 4286 microgram/litre, more than 7 of the 30 tea bags bought from Canadian supermarkets had unacceptable aluminium levels after the 3 minutes brewing but at 15 minutes most of the tea bags failed the standard.

They also found lead levels above 0.5 microgram/litre (the acceptable limit for reproduction health) for 73% of the samples brewed for 3 minutes and 83% of the samples brewed for 15 minutes.


All teas contained significant amount of aluminium. Tea leaves accumulate aluminium from the soil readily. The aluminium limit set by World Health Organisation (WHO) for drinking water is at 200 microgram/litre. Based on this standard then all the 30 tea bags would failed by at least 5 to 50 folds. This is very alarming and to protect oneself from this known toxin, my advise to tea lovers is to use the silicon – rich Spritzer Natural Mineral Water to brew your tea. By doing that the Silicon in Spritzer Natural Mineral Water may be able to bind the aluminium and render it unavailable for the body.

Research headed by Professor Christoper Exley at Keele University has shown that regular drinking of up to one litre a day of Spritzer Natural Mineral Water, removes aluminium from the bodies of Alzheimiers’ Disease and in some individuals offered clinically-significant protection against cognitive decline. ( view Keele University press release here). The publication in the prestigious Journal of Alzheimers Disease can be accessed here.

So enjoy your cup of tea brewed with Spritzer, the silicon rich natural mineral water for a healthier you.

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