Watch Professor Exley Explains How SPRITZER-the Clinically Proven Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water Can Protect Your Body Against The Toxicity of Aluminium




Aluminum is a ubiquitous element present everywhere in our everyday living. (See diagram below for sources of Aluminum).


Since we are living in what scientists are calling “The Aluminum Age”, there is no way we can avoid Aluminum in our body. Hence the most prudent way is to minimise our exposure by trying to reduce consumption of food products added with Aluminum and also reduce our exposure to environmental pollution from cigarette and car smoke which contain high level of Aluminum.

However, a more effective way to reduce your body burden of Aluminum  as recommended by Professor Chris Exley who has been doing research in Aluminum toxicity for over 30 years , is to consume daily at least one litre of a silicon-rich natural mineral water such as SPRITZER.  His finding research was published in the prestigious Journal of Alzheimers Disease 2013 (view publication) and summarised in a press release “ A Silicon-Rich Mineral Water Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease” from Keele University UK (read here). The research showed that long term drinking of SPRITZER – the Silicon-Rich Mineral Water can reduce an individual’s everyday exposure to Aluminum and lower their body burden of this unwanted neurotoxin. Early indications are that in individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease the lowering of the body burden of Aluminum may benefit cognitive function.

SPRITZER – the Clinically Proven Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water is brought to you from a vast 330 acre landbank (266 football fields) covered with pristine and unspoilt surroundings of natural tropical rainforest far away from all pollutions, hence providing complete protection to the integrity, quality and safety of its natural mineral water. From source to bottle, SPRITZER is untouched by human hands. Recent findings of a unique rock structure in the facility dated the land to be in existence for about 200 to 214 million years old.

Be a wise consumer, choose SPRITZER – the Clinically Proven Silicon Rich Natural Mineral Water for your daily hydration needs and received the silicon benefits.

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